Pleasant Hill’s ministries are designed to offer opportunities for spiritual growth and development, to share blessings, and to provide service and perpetuate the spirit of Christ by words and by deeds.

Church School

Conducts Bible-based classes for persons of all ages each Sunday morning.

Commission on Christian Education

Promotes Christian education describing its application in daily living; makes careful study of Christian education needs of the local church; and promotes and develops initiatives to meet these needs.

Commission on Public Relations

Gathers and disseminates information of public interest about the church to secular and religious media. Responsible for intra-congregational communications and the public image of the church.

Evangelism Committee

Focuses on bringing people to Christ from outside the church. A team of volunteers visit various sites or home to talk with potential members about their relationship with God and encourages them to fellowship with like-minded people in their quest for spiritual fulfillment.

Married Couples Ministry

Aims to facilitate the spiritual growth of married couples through Bible study, annual retreats, community outreach, and special events. This ministry has developed programs and activities that assist in strengthening a God-centered and spirit-led marriage.

Media Ministry (Website Unit, Sound Board)

Operates the audio board in the control room; designs website and keep it up to date to provide timely information to church family.

Sons of Allen

Provides opportunities for men to unite in giving their time, talent, and resources to the church and community. Men come together for fellowship and spiritual growth, promoting strong family relationships and presenting positive Christian role models for the children of the church.


Music Ministry

Adult Choir

Since its founding, the adult Choir of Pleasant Hill A.M.E. Church has been the Signature Choir Of the church. This choir may be heard at the 11:00 AM worship service each first and third Sunday. The Adult Choir plays a major role not only within the music ministry of the Church, but the greater community as well.

Children’s Choir

Leads the 11:00 AM Sunday service usually on fourth Sundays.

Men’s Choir

Provides the opportunity for men to unite in praising the Lord in music on the second Sundays at the 11:00 AM worship service.

Pulpit Aide Ministry

To provide the church with appropriate flowers for Sunday worship service, and other special occasions/seasons.  To properly maintain all plants in the church facilities.

Transportation Ministry

To enable members and friends of the church, who are without means of transportation, the ability to ride the church van to worship service, bible study, and church events.

Lay Organization

To stimulate and educate the laity in the total program of the church by creating opportunities to learn our history, study the Discipline, teach and practice stewardship, and encourage financial support of the Church’s program.

Women’s Missionary Society

To help people grow in the knowledge and experience of God through continual training, as well as individual and collective mission work and advocate for human rights.

Young Peoples Department of the WMS

The mission of the YPD is to serve as tool for the development of healthy Christian leadership skills for youth.

Board of Trustees

Serves as the spiritual leaders of the church.

 Culinary Arts Ministry

To provide food/meals in times of sorrow, celebration and need.  The ministry strives to promote spiritual fellowship by helping to serve in the Lord’s bounty.

Class Leaders Ministry

To seek the power of godliness by uniting as members to pray together, meet together, watch over probationers; report those who are sick, and collect for the support of the Gospel.

Board of Stewards

Serves as the spiritual leaders of the church.

Stewardess Board

Dresses the pulpit, chancery, and altar rail for Holy Communion, Baptism, funerals and memorials, as well as for the various liturgical seasons.

Usher Ministry

Serves as doorkeepers and provides a friendly atmosphere for members and visitors as they enter the church.

Youth Ministries

Focuses on the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and economical development of youth in the church and the community.